The Story of Susan Manning Lacombe: Reiki Healing

Are you a believer? A skeptic? Do you have an open mind? Do you wish for miracles but yet believe they are just a fantasy? Join Hosts Loie & Cory as we welcome our guests Paul & Susan Lacombe, Susan Henson Reiki Master & Don ,Reiki Master … Tonight’s wonderful heart touching story is sure to touch your emotions. A Miracle in the Making… I met Susan Manning-Lacombe online a few years ago, we “clicked” instantly. Here was a woman so vital, energetic, full of love for all those around her, Susan’s biggest joy was/is helping others.. Susan has always been a favorite guest on Serious Business filling an hour with advice on many aspects of a healthy ,happy life. Then the brain tumor that Susan M-L had lived with for many years became active. Headaches, blindness, pain so much happening . Join us as Susan M-L and husband Paul lead us through their journey of pain, fear , doctor visits that gave so little hope .. Join us as Susan Henson Reiki Master pulls together thousands of caring people to concentrate on helping Susan… Join us and hear how Don,Reiki Healing Master visits with Susan M-L to assist in her comfort and healing. Join us and celebrate the amazing culmination of the joining of minds and hearts for another. How is SusanM-L now? Are the tumors still growing? Call in and talk with Susan M-L,Husband Paul, Susan Henson and Don. Join our live chat room . Reiki is the Japanese word meaning “universal life energy”. It is a healing art that uses divine energy to heal on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
Date: June 3rd, 2010

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